Limited Liability Company Practice Team

The Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most used business entity form. Businesses in all industries avail themselves of the tax flexibility and advantages of the LLC form.  Our lawyers work with new and existing limited liability companies (LLCs) from entity selection to formation to operation to purchase or sale.  We help startup and existing business owners with the tax and legal aspects of LLCs, with experience with Minnesota and Delaware LLCs as well as with LLCs formed under other state laws. 

“The LLC is a great business option for early-stage companies with a simple capital structure as well as experience businesses with complex investor-based structures.  The governance and financial flexibility of the LLC makes it a great choice for both single-member LLCs (SMLLCs) as well multi-member, multi-class enterprises.”

Our LLC Team:

Kim Lowe has worked with LLCs and their owners throughout her 20 years of legal practice.  Kim brings both her tax and corporate governance experience to craft practical and understandable LLC agreements for business owners.  Kim shares with clients her deep knowledge of Minnesota’s business entity laws gained from her years serving on the drafting committees for Minnesota’s 322B, 322C as well as one a Minnesota’s Uniform Laws Commissioners. 

Todd Taylor has structured many complex transactions involving LLCs formed in many different states.  Todd often uses LLCs in agri-business development deals to take advantage of the LLCs apparent tax advantages.  Todd often counsels startup entrepreneurs on when and how to effectively use the LLC form during the capital raising process.

John Saunders regularly advises clients on the use of LLCs in real estate transactions.  As part of our franchise and retail business work, John helps franchisees and other business owners use the LLC form to acquire and operate their businesses. 

Larry Fox counsels many LLC businesses on their branding and licensing legal needs.  Larry brings his over two decades of counseling Fortune 500 businesses to the advice he provides LLC businesses for all aspects of operations. 

Brian Edstrom helps independent investment advisors with the questions of using the LLC as part of their business structure.  Brian also helps LLC businesses raise money using the many capital raising options available to Minnesota business owners, including through private securities offerings, MNvest and other crowdfunding options and registered offerings.

Bill Egan brings his years of experience in employment law counseling and litigation to LLC owners to assist them with the numerous state and federal regulatory compliance issues facing business owners in today’s environment.

Lisa Holter Ankel serves as outside general counsel to a diverse base of private companies and as a lead deal counsel on M&A and other financing transactions. Lisa partners with business owners, management, investors and corporate boards on start-up and organizational matters, M&A transactions, raising money, shareholder agreements, buy-outs and a variety of joint venture and other commercial transactions.

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