Bill Egan


Bill Egan has more than 30 years’ experience representing executives, business owners, small-to-midsize public companies and private enterprises as an advisor, counselor and advocate on matters relating to the employment relationship, compensation, human resources and other legal issues arising in the workplace setting.  Informed by years of experience with both routine and unusual employment relationships and workplace situations, Bill brings a pragmatic, realistic and results-oriented perspective to issues arising in the employment relationship and in the workplace.

Bill’s primary practice involves the executive employment relationship. Bill represents both executives and business owners, senior managers and corporate boards on issues relating to executive employment law.  His deep experience includes drafting and enforcement of executive employment agreements, executive compensation, equity plans and related agreements, codes of business conduct, non-compete/non-solicitation agreements, indemnification agreements, retention and change-in-control agreements, long-term incentive plans and awards, bonus and commission plans, and transition and severance issues.

On the Human Resources side, Bill serves as a sounding board and problem-solver for senior management and human resources representatives with difficult employee discipline matters, discharge concerns, non-compete concerns, whistleblower claims, employee theft and other forms of workplace fraud, drug and alcohol issues, sexual harassment and other types of improper workplace misconduct.  Bill also helps his clients navigate the increasingly complex federal and state regulatory environment governing the workplace, ensuring that his clients have implemented best practices in connection with their contracts, documentation, policies, procedures and practices.

Bill also has significant experience in conducting and overseeing internal investigation into allegations of discrimination, sexual harassment, financial report abuse, earnings management, illegal retaliation against whistleblowers and employee fraud such as embezzlement, kickbacks, fake invoicing and expense account abuse.


  • Employer Representation - flat hourly
  • Executive Representation - outcome-based; goals and KPIs agreed in advance


  • William Mitchell College of Law

  • University of Notre Dame

  • St. Thomas Academy

Presentations & Speaking Engagements:

  • Lessons Learned: Keeping the Competition Out of Your Kitchen, 11/01/2017

  • Twin Cities Startup Week: Darwin Lessons, 10/13/2017

In his spare time, Bill enjoys spending time at the family cabin on Cross Lake, cycling and performing home-improvement projects on which he refuses to concede he is totally unqualified.


You can reach Bill directly at 612-455-3974.

Areas of Practice

Bill has more than 30 years of experience as an advisor, counselor and advocate, helping clients navigate the complex and often times counterintuitive legal issues that arise in the workplace.

Employment Law

Over time, the American workplace has become highly regulated. If not well-managed, it can be a platform for expensive, energy-sapping and time-consuming litigation. Every business should have a responsive, knowledgeable and practiced employment law attorney to assist in navigating workplace issue and concerns before they become full-fledged disputes and lawsuits. Rare is the employee lawsuit that could not have been avoided by timely legal advice and effective communication.

At Avisen Legal, we bring a “been there, done that” savvy to workplace issues that goes beyond mere knowledge of statutes, regulations and case law affecting the employment relationship. We understand the human element, as well. While we have not seen everything that can go wrong the workplace, we have seen most of it and our advice is informed by those experiences. We serve our clients as advisors, negotiators, investigators, advocates and peacemakers.

Representative Matters

Negotiation/Preparation of Executive Employment Contracts

  • Incoming CEO of Private Pharmaceutical Company – Employment and SAR Agreement
  • Incoming Senior VP of Public Medtech Company – Employment Agreement
  • CEO and CFO of Early Stage Manufacturing Company – Employment Agreements
  • CEO of Private HealthCare Company – Employment Agreement
  • CEO of Private Manufacturing Company – IP and Indemnification Agreements
  • Producer Employment Agreement and Asset Purchase Agreement – Insurance Agency
  • Executive Director – Charitable Service Provider     

Executive Terminations and Severance

  • CEO For Cause Termination - Public Company
  • CFO Termination - Public Company
  • CEO For Cause Termination - Private High Tech Company
  • CEO Not for Cause Termination – Private MedTech Company
  • CFO Transition – Resignation and Hire
  • CEO Termination – Manufacturing Company
  • Director Employee Termination/Severance – MedTech Company  
  • Severance Negotiation/Agreement – Director Level Employee - MedTech Company - Whistleblower (Off-Label Sales)
  • Severance Agreement – President of MedTech Company
  • Termination Negotiation – Producer Life Insurance Provider  
  • CFO Termination – High Tech Company
  • Resignations and Transition to Start-Up Firm - Wealth Manager – Broker Dealer
  • Termination and Rehire – Finance Manager – Public University
  • C-Suite Executive Retirement & Transition – Public Company
  • Executive Director Resignation – Charitable Foundation
  • VP Resignation – Financial Services
  • Managing Director Termination - Financial Services
  • Termination – Coach – Private College
  • Resignation – Physician – Private Medical Practice 

Executive Change in Control

  • Negotiation/Litigation of Change in Control Dispute
  • Management Team Executive Agreements in PE Acquisition of Private Service Provider
  • Management Team Executive Agreements in PE Acquisition of Marketing Agency
  • Transition Agreements for CEO/CFO of Public Company in acquisition

Executive Non-Compete Issues

  • Advise Business Unit Leader - Public Company - Renegotiation of Non-Compete 
  • Senior Sales Representative - Non-Compete Claim
  • Transition of Senior Executives from MedTech Companies to Potential Competitors (multiple matters)
  • Resolve Non-Solicitation allegations (several) – Sales, Marketing, MedTech  

Executive Misconduct

  • Investigation of Executive Misappropriation and Earnings Management Abuse for Public Company
  • Investigation & Termination of Sales Representative – Misappropriation and Channel Stuffing
  • Investigation of Internal Complaints – Private Foundation    


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