Resources for Self-Employed Workers During the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic

Apr. 15, 2020


During the 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic


Avisen Legal provides experienced counsel to entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations, impact investors and other professionals.


Avisen lawyer and longtime potter Jeremy Kalin has been hosting public education webinars focused on self-employed workers. The first webinar from March 30, 2020 can be viewed here, starting at 12m30s. The second, updated webinar from April 10, 2020 can be viewed here. Topics include:

  • Understanding Stay-At-Home and other Executive Orders,

  • Tax Filing changes,

  • Federal Stimulus Payments to individuals,

  • Unemployment Insurance for Self-Employed works,

  • Emergency Paid Sick Leave and Family Medical Leave tax credits,

  • Strategies for managing leases during the pandemic, and

  • SBA emergency funding for sole-proprietors.


Avisen advises all sole-proprietors and self-employed works to consider applying for the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan, and the associated $10,000 forgivable advance with rapid funding. Sole-proprietors and self-employed workers should also consider filing for the federal supplement for unemployment insurance, and to maximize all paid sick leave and FMLA tax credits.


As the benefit of many generous mentors himself – and to pay it forward for self-employed artists and other creatives – Jeremy Kalin has committed to providing services on a reduced rate during the pandemic emergency:


      • $ 250 flat rate - 1.0 – 1.5 hours ADVISORY and LEGAL SERVICES to help with SBA loan and $10,000 advance applications; unemployment insurance applications and paid sick leave and FMLA tax credits.


      • $ 750 flat rate - APPLICATION and LEGAL SERVICES FOR SBA loan and $10,000 advance; preparation for paid sick leave and FMLA tax credits, and advisory services for unemployment insurance applications and other related issues.


      • $ 250 / hr  - Tailored advisory and legal services to artists and self-employed creatives with specific issues during the pandemic crisis.


To access Avisen Legal’s reduced-cost services for artists and self-employed creatives, email

Written By:
Jeremy Kalin

Jeremy is able to connect with the real-world challenges of entrepreneurs, project developers, public officials and non-profit leaders. Clients really enjoy working with Jeremy because of his own diverse and deep experience. He's been a professional studio potter, an entrepreneur, a legislator and a lawyer - gaining his law degree 9 years ago - while serving as a State Representative and simultaneously leading a national, bipartisan network of clean energy legislative leaders for the White House.

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