Negotiating While Female?

Feb. 22, 2018

Andrea Schneider, a Law Professor and Director of the Dispute Resolution Program at Marquette Law School, lays waste to the myth that the reason for the gender pay gap is because women can't negotiate, don't negotiate well when they try, and shouldn't negotiate due to the potential for backlash if they become "too assertive." In her article, Negotiating While Female, Prof. Schneider posits that clinical studies supporting these conclusions are based on limited data that study the wrong thing, the wrong time frame and people of the wrong age and experience. She concludes with recommendations on how women should approach compensation negotiations.

For another interesting study on the issue of pay equity, check out "What Can Uber Teach Us About The Gender Pay Gap?" on Freakonomics Radio.

Written By:
Bill Egan

Bill Egan is a Seasoned Employment Law Attorney backed by over 33 years of proven, veteran experience. He specializes in navigating businesses through conflict resolution in the workplace.

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