Making Sense of Chaos: Guidance for Artists, Art Organizations and Self-Employed

Mar. 31, 2020

Avisen Legal’s Jeremy Kalin, Bill Egan and John Saunders hosted a webinar on March 30, 2020: Making Sense of Chaos – For Creatives, Artists and Arts Organizations.

The webinar covered:
• The impact of Emergency Declarations
• Tax Filing Changes
• Stimulus Payments
• Unemployment Insurance for the Self-Employed
• Paid Sick Leave and Paid Family Leave tax credits for Self-Employed
• How to keep funds coming in, and
• Managing studio leases, rent payments, etc…

The slides from the webinar can be downloaded in the link below.

You can watch the full webinar in full here. The webinar starts at 12m30sec or so into the recording.

In the coming days, watch for an Avisen Legal written summary of Self-Employed issues, as the Department of Labor and others provide guidance to states and others.

Please contact Avisen Legal attorney and advisor – and longtime potter - Jeremy Kalin for further information – via email or phone: 612.875.2546.

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Download Making Sense of Chaos Webinar 2 Slides

Written By:
Jeremy Kalin

Jeremy is able to connect with the real-world challenges of entrepreneurs, project developers, public officials and non-profit leaders. Clients really enjoy working with Jeremy because of his own diverse and deep experience. He's been a professional studio potter, an entrepreneur, a legislator and a lawyer - gaining his law degree 9 years ago - while serving as a State Representative and simultaneously leading a national, bipartisan network of clean energy legislative leaders for the White House.

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