Engagement is Essential

Nov. 28, 2017

A disengaged employee is a problem employee. Studies conducted over the years have tried to measure and quantify employee engagement levels. According to Gallup, 51% of the U.S. workforce is not engaged (Gallup). Gallup further reports that highly engaged business units result in 21% greater profitability, a 41% reduction in absenteeism, and a 17% increase in productivity.

Disengaged employees are not only unproductive, they complain. Complaining employees are litigious employees. Engaged employees look for solutions; disengaged employees look for compensation.

"Today, no leader can afford to be indifferent to the challenge of engaging employees in the work of creating the future. Engagement may have been optional in the past, but it’s pretty much the whole game today." - Gary Hamel, co-author of Competing for the Future.



Written By:
Bill Egan

Bill Egan is a seasoned Employment Law Attorney backed by over 33 years of proven, veteran experience. He specializes in navigating businesses through conflict resolution in the workplace.

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